Extraordinary English Speakers

An EES Membership is for ambitious English learners who want to speak amazing English in business and daily life. If you've got the drive to master English, and are prepared to do the work EES can help you by teaching you learning strategies that work and spoon-feeding you all the language you'll need.

Here's What an EES Membership Includes

  1. A new lesson to study Every Friday at 5 pm. Learn the language of extraordinary business conversation and speak fearless, eloquent English.
  2. More than 120 past lessons to pick and choose from.
  3. Extraordinary English Conversations. Interviews with a whole range of brilliant businessmen and women.
  4. Virtually Unlimited video critiques on your English. Got something you're not sure about? Record yourself speaking, and I'll record a critique telling you what I think in my typical blunt manner.
  5. Access to the Community. This is your place to ask questions, get advice and use your English.
  6. If you're an English teacher, you have permission to re-use lessons with your own students (you can use materials in classrooms and with coaching students, whether in person or via Skype – but you cannot upload or make materials available online).
  7. Special rates on courses, seminars and workshops that I run. Enough said.

How to become an 'Extraordinary English Speaker'

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Here's What the Extraordinary English Speakers are Saying:

"It’s really helpful to learn phrases that I can use in everyday situations and I noticed that I started using them!"

"I've been a member of ESS for about a year now and have done a number of lessons (episodes) and listened to quite a few Julian's interviews. I have to say that so far I've learned a lot. It's really helpful to learn phrases that I can use in everyday situations and I noticed that I started using them! The lessons are interesting and I learnt a lot about different things, like cultures, contemporary affairs, languages and so on. It broadens my mind and gives me some ideas when I interact with others in various informal conversations. A thought-provoking Two Step Speaking course was interesting and although I'm sort of still in search of what I wish and able to do in the future and how best to realize myself I felt encouraged to make goals in my life and tried various different things to achieve them. I feel thankful to Julian for the work he does, ideas and skills he has to support others in learning English."

Julius D.

"I can learn in a well-structured and no-bullshit way"

I've been joining EES for 3 months and this has been so far my best investment decision in language education. When I say 'investment', it doesn't only mean the 'money' but also means the time I contribute to the learning experience. I'm not a dull person, but if the thing I learn doesn't make sense nor has unacceptable flaws in itself, I can never make any progress in doing so. On the other hand, I can learn something well-structured and non-bullshit in a super fast way. Extraordinary English Speakers is exactly the place to be. I'll look out for you in the community soon. ; )

Xiaochen Pan

"EES helped me to speak up during meetings at work as a Banker in US"

"I have been EES member since March 2015. Julian is not only my English teacher but also my life coach! First of all, he helped me to speak up during meetings at work as a Banker in US. Second of all, I tried many things including teaching Japanese on youtube and started earning money as a side business aside from my full-time job as a banker thanks to Julian's encouragement. I have learned that English is a tool to do something we want to do. I am thankful to have you as my English teacher and coach."


"You learn real spoken English"

I've been a EES member for a year and a half now. I've always found Julian's lessons very interesting, you learn real spoken English, the English people speak that you do not learn in any book and nobody teaches you. His method is very effective: it allows you to work on your own, and practice speaking even if there's not a native around. The lessons are always interesting, motivating and funny. Yes, I think I've learnt a lot, now when somebody talks to me in English I understand immediately, and what is more important the answers come to my mind without thinking … I'm very glad I'm an EES member.

Teresa RHM