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You requested the first two "EES" lessons.

Or, what I like to call…

… the "Onboarding Episodes".

Extraordinary English Speakers is designed like a soap-opera.

We follow an on-going story, with the same characters, week after week, learning from their lives and the exciting conversations they have. And like a soap opera, the lessons are designed so that you can start at any time… and just go from the current Episode (which is what we call the weekly lessons).

But of course…

First, you need to understand the method and how to actually use the lessons so your English speaking improves rapidly.

This is where the EES Onboarding lessons come in.

There are two Onboarding lessons. The first one teaches you the basic method. And the second one goes into chunking (this is how native speakers sound so fluent and natural), and how we get deep, deep insights into the way native speakers *really* use English.

What I'm going to do is this −

Because it's easier for me to show you how the EES lessons work than it is to explain it in words, I'm going to give you the Onboarding lessons.

The lessons are…

A Bombshell at Work This lesson, "Onboarding 1" will get you familiar with the core system. It will walk you through the EES Lesson Process while you actually do the lesson. You'll need about 90mins to do this (but you can do it over two or three days if you like).

A Social Media Lesson for Stan In Onboarding 2 we talk in detail about the 'chunking' process, and I show you how we get deep insights into the way native speakers really use English, in real life. I also show you how you can use this method to work out if something is only said in British English, American English or whatever variety you like

Before you do the second one…

… you have to complete the first one.

So click here and get it done.

Just follow along with me in the video, and you'll be fine.


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